Current balance

You company has balance for every currency.

Fiat balance

Fiat balance you can find here.
Fiat balance increase if you
  • choose fix approach and you user send money to our crypto addresses
  • paid invoices

Crypto balance

Crypto balance you can find here
Crypto balance increase when
  • you choose float approach
  • you choose fix approach but user paid less then service limit.

TOP-UP crypto balance

Your users can withdrawal overflow deposit. You can self send crypto money without service fee. We generate crypto addresses for your company. Find it you can here.

API method

Get balances
curl https://b2b.test.daowallet.com/api/v2/balance \
-H 'Content-type: application/json' \
-H 'X-Processing-Key: U4VndQHU...2llskf' \
-H 'X-Processing-Signature: a47de328cc6239f45e....30d598db6ef6fb942ddf0'
For signature use empty javascript object {}